About Us

Where Quality, Tradition are an obsession for more than 150 years.

CHELOOR, A multi Crore Group a renowned name in Several Business Activities.

A well known reputed Namboorthri (BRAHMIN) family, who were engaged in uplifting the value of the “Innocent Science”. Their ancestors’ reputed practice and knowledge persuaded to enter in the Ayurvedic Patented Medicines Division. The precious knowledge marked in the “THALIYOLA” (Palm tree Manuscript) and their depth knowledge in “SANSKRIT” helped us to formulate good medicines to pacify the Suffering Community and their ailment.

Ayurveda Literally means the Science of Life. Ayurveda treat the patient not the Symptoms. The advantage of using Ayurvedic drugs is its tolerancity and no untoward side effects. May be it work slowly, but the actions is sustainable and not disturbing the digestive systems.

In the successful Saga of Ayurvedic Products promotion this group started its Modern Medicine Division (Allopathic) named “CHELOOR REMEDIES” Having a highly modernized factory from Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Cheloor Bio Pharma & Health Care Limited is a Ayurvedic patented Medicines Unit in Navsari, Gujarat with G.M.P and other Drug Manufacturing Specifications. Research & Development wing seriously thinking to develop single ingredient molecules for the uncurable disease. Our Company enjoying best market share due to the quality of the medicines as well as the professional ethical marketing.

We are requested your valuable orders, suggestion & advices. We are hopeful our product range can satisfy you and its bring happiness from your sufferings. You can contact us, if you want more details of our product range. The formulations are carefully incorporated and it is not harmful. Continuous use of this medicine never tampers your health and it revitalizes your energy & health.