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Assured relief in mouth ulcer
Heals mouth ulcers Enhances digestive function
Prevents foreign body’s Attack Provide Laxation
Keeps away from foul smell
RED OCHARE (PURIFIED KAVIINANU) contains lot of ferric acid hydrated Iron so it helps to heal the ulcer immediately
BAKULA (ELANJI- MUKUR) a BEST PAIN Reliever, astringent and Anti Ulceritic.
KUTH (KOTTAM- SOAPUKAYA) provide coating over the ulcer and helps healing activity and provides Laxation.
KHERCHAL (KADIRAM) works as a astringent and provides Anti biotic action
NAGARMODA (MUTHANGA) PROVIDES Diuretic action and expel toxic waste.
LODHRA (PACHOTTI) Control Bowel Syndromes, Work as a Liver Stimulant and controls inflammation.
SATHAPUSHPA (PICHAKAM) PROVIDES Laxative action to drain out Toxic Waste.
MULETHI (IRATTY MATHURAM) A best anti-ulcerate Drug which provides a Coating over the wound and it’s accelerate healing process
(KHADIRA) KARUNGALI) Astringent and an anti-Ulcerate

Dosage : 1 or 2 tablets 2-3 times a day or as directed by the Physician

Heal mouth ulcers, Enhances digestive function, prevent foreign body’s attack, and provide laxation, keeps away from foul smell.
Mouth ulcers are white or yellow open sores with an itchy red ring around them. They can appear on your lips, at the base of gums, on the soft palate, at the sides of your tongue, and in the hollows of your cheeks.
They are formed on non-keratinized mouth tissues and can create a constant burning sensation. Ayurveda treatment focuses to improve a person's health through a diet regime, the use of herbal compounds, and the implementation of health practices which are mostly unheard of.
This traditional branch of Ayurvedic medicine can prove to be very effective to treat mouth ulcers if tried out under the supervision of a reliable practitioner. It is because of its usefulness, governments of several countries across the world endorse researches in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.
Soothing relief for mouth ulcer

Mahavatha Gulgul
Chelbon D.S