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When the heart is in the group with high Cholesterol levels
Control cholesterol level by giving action to unsaturated fats converted into saturated fats.
Enhances liver function to fat metabolism
Amla- Nellikka
Control high cholesterol level and its function in artherocleoris, Blood vessels reduce total cholesterol including the fatty acid called triglycerides without affecting the HDL.
Lahsun (Veluthulli), Baheda (Thannikka), Haldi (Manjal), Bach (Vayambu), PiPPALI, Arjun (Neermararuthu), Sudha gulgul are an effective remedy to control cholesterol and its lower triglycerides and promote HDL.

Dosage : 1 or 2 tablets 2-3 times a day or as directed by the Physician

Control total cholesterol level, Reduce LDL & Enhance HDL, and Normalize overweight Body Mass Index.
In Ayurveda, cholesterol imbalance is caused due to the imbalance in digestion, assimilation, and elimination processes. The production of cholesterol does not necessarily need to be lowered, but it needs to be balanced. It is said that when the process of digestion is balanced, then the body produces the optimum amount of cholesterol that is needed in the body.
The imbalances in the media dhatu result in the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body. So, meda dhatu needs to be in balance.
Also, we cannot ignore the role of the liver in the management of cholesterol as the liver not only produces cholesterol, but it is also part of the digestive system.
The liver does the main screening of the toxins before they can enter the bloodstream. It must be noted that if the liver is overloaded with Toxins (Ama), then the 13 types of digestive fires (Agni) are also disturbed.
To conclude, the mixing of ama with fat tissue is the main reason behind imbalanced cholesterol levels and the imbalance in the liver function results in the quality and purity of fat tissue to be compromised.
The comprehensive lipid normalizer

Mahavatha Gulgul
Chelbon D.S